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Adjustable Gas Blocks:
    1. Which rails or hand guards do the gas blocks fit?
      **We will continue to update the lists as we determine what rails fit**

      1. .750 Low Pro solid set screw gas block fits on:
      2. .750 Low Pro Clamp-on gas block fits on:
      3. .625 Low Pro solid set screw gas block fits on:

    2. Can the gas be totally shut off?
      Yes, but then you wouldn't be defeating the purpose of having an adjustable gas block. 

    3. How many setting are there?
      There are 16 settings

    4. What is the difference between the Set Screw(Solid) and Clamp-on?
      Regarding the Clamp-on model vs the Set Screw model: Your weakest link on the Clamp On is the 10-32 Screws that clamp it together. The Screws tensile strength is 70,000 psi. The Set Screw model's weakest link is the set screws. They NEED to be recessed into the block, and coated with a Thread Locker (the thread locker must dry per the Manf. directions). READ the instructions. If the screws loosen the block could move. I recommend using RED Loctite. The Set Screw Model is installed just like the MK12. The Navy has been using that rifle for years with success. The Clamp On is easier to install and remove to use on another barrel. If you want to make sure either will NOT move, even if a tank runs over it, then Pin it to the barrel.

    5. Do the gas blocks work with a .308?

    6. On the Solid (set screw) what is the distance between the two set screws?
      .498" from center to center

    7. Should there be a space between the back of the gas block and the shoulder of my barrel?
      Yes, there should be a space of .025".  If you are noticing that there is gas leaking this may be culprit.  Be sure to check your spacing with a feeler gauge. 

    8. How do I adjust the Gas Block?
      Adjustment is simple, turn your gas screw all the way to the closed position. Then open the gas one and a half turns from the closed position. Load only one round in the magazine while tuning the gas. Fire one round and check if you get a full lock back on your bolt carrier. If not then open the gas port screw one or two clicks at a time. Normally I would do two clicks at a time till I get full lock back. After getting a full lock back then open two clicks more, this will give you reliability while using different loads of ammo.

    1.  Do you offer a Military discount?
      Yes, we offer a 10% discount to active duty military.  Just simply place your order online at the full price, mention in the special instructions the discount and then send us an email from your military email.  We will apply the discount manually.

    2. The item I want is out of stock, how do I pre-book the item?
      Place the order on our website as you normally would.  An authorization hold will be placed on your card which will drop of in 48-72 hours, depending on your bank.  This will essentially put you on the waiting list.  If the item does not come back into stock within 30 days of placing your order our system will delete your card information so when we are ready to ship the item we will need to get in contact with you for payment information.